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Place of Origin:
Jakarta Raya, Indonesia


PT Banyu Biru Sejati is water treatment plant and waste water treatment plant company.

PT Banyu Biru Sejati providing services in the form of products and services include:

• Processing of clean water (water treatment)
• Waste water treatment (waste water treatment)
• Waste water treatment of domestic (household)
• Procurement of equipment for water treatment and waste water
• Maintenance and service equipment
• Procurement of spare parts and consumables

Our company is supported by a workforce who are experienced in this field, and some even have had experience of more than 10 years. In addition to providing good service, we also always provide a guarantee of quality work or equipment we provide to every customer.

In running the company, our company aims to try his best to give good service to the industries engaged in:

• Property, such as hotels, offices, dormitories, and apartments
• Hospitals and clinics
• Industrik textile and dyeing
• Industrial ceramics
• Industrial glazing
• The steel industry and galvaniz
• Industrial gas and petroleum
• energy Indsutri
• Etc..


PT Banyu Biru Sejati provide services in the form of planning for water treatment plant (water treatment plant) and waste water (waste water treatment plant). The planning team is supported by a workforce of trained and experienced in their fields to ensure the system is designed according to customer needs.

Planning dimuali of collecting data obtained from customers or prospective customers based on answers given to the questionare. Other data required can also be a result of laboratory analysis of samples taken at the work site. Based on this data will be passed to obtain planning installation drawings (shop drawings) to be applied at the job site later.

Erection and commissioning

Technicians and supervisors Sejati PT Banyu Biru has experience in their respective fields so that the installation work and commissioning of equipment can take place properly and in accordance with the standards required of customers.

Based on the rendered image of the customer or a drawing made by PT Banyu Biru True and has been approved by the customer, installation work carried out on site. Any deviation from the images created will be notified to the customer and asked for approval or input is required so that the execution of the work can still happen in accordance with project schedule.

Commissioning is performed after all equipment and materials installed in accordance with shop drawings. In addition, equipment and materials installed already undergone preliminary testing (preliminary test) as well as the consent of the parties concerned. The time required for commissioning and large depends on the type of work. In this commissioning period, we also conduct training (training) to the prospective operator or customer representative to execute all appropriate equipment and perform maintenance procedures in accordance with instruction manuals books that have been made.


Contact Us :
Bumi Satria Kencana, Blok C No. 9
Jln. KH Noer Ali, Bekasi 17144

UP              : M. Susanto (Sales Engineer)
Mobile 1     : 0813.8650.1642
Mobile 2     : 021-9604.6408
Facsimile   : (021) 8856176
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